• Is Dusty Ape coffee Fair Trade?

    The most frustrating thing about Fair Trade is that consumers are lead to believe that it’s the ultimate goal – but in coffee it’s the starting point.
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  • Panda Brews with Dusty Ape for London Festival

    Why I Love Aeropress I'm a big fan of the Aeropress coffee maker - it goes with me whenever I'm going to struggle to find a decent coffee ~ most hotels, music festivals, camping, foreign travel. I take a Rhinowares hand grinder tucked inside the Aeropress handle and a bag of Dusty Ape coffee (of course!)... so I was pretty hyped when Aeropress UK asked me to roast a coffee ideally suited to Aeropress to feature on their stand at the London Coffee Festival. As it happens Aeropress UK are fans of Dusty Ape too and we've been caffeinating their offices for quite a while -- so it seemed like the...

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  • Should I buy coffee from Myanmar?

    Should I buy coffee from Myanmar?

    We are very proud to have sourced a 1st prize winner from Myanmar (best washed coffee for 2017 - SCAA 87.2 points). We've waited months to receive this coffee and now we have it we are not disappointed. However our excitement has been somewhat tempered by the distressing news of the Rohingya Crisis and we have received a few comments from customers asking if it's ok to buy products from Myanmar in the light of the news stories. Absolutely yes! We are in direct touch with the farm owner Thiha Gyawalie who, understandably, would not pass comment on the crisis, but he did...

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  • Subscription prices held at last years rates!

    Subscription prices held at last years rates!

    Despite the increase in our green coffee costs (thanks brexit!) we have decided to hold our subscription rates at last year rates, saving you 20% on our 12 month, 2 bag scheme. Over the past 12 months, the 2 bag scheme enjoyed 16 different coffees from 14 different countries hand picked by us - what a wonderful way to explore the equatorial coffee-producing belt. Subscriptions make a great Christmas gift and start from £55 including postage.

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  • Taste of the West Award for Peru Café Femenino

    Taste of the West Award for Peru Café Femenino

    Dusty Ape is proud to receive another Taste of the West award, this time for its fair-traded, organically farmed Peruvian coffee, produced by an all-female cooperative. We always knew this coffee was a bit special but its great when we get wider recognition. To celebrate we will be featuring this coffee at our stall at the Frome Independent Market this weekend. You can buy some from the store if you missed it.

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  • Finca San Esteban - A rare treat from Guatemala

    Dusty Ape Coffee is one of only a handful of roasters in the country to feature Finca San Esteban from Guatemala.  Rich and fruity, San Esteban delivers chocolate, rum and raisin notes in the cup.  A creamy, rich espresso! Typically green coffee is imported into the UK at ports outside London but Guatemala Fince San Esteban is a directly-traded coffee and reaches us through

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