Should I buy coffee from Myanmar?

Should I buy coffee from Myanmar?

We are very proud to have sourced a 1st prize winner from Myanmar (best washed coffee for 2017 - SCAA 87.2 points). We've waited months to receive this coffee and now we have it we are not disappointed. However our excitement has been somewhat tempered by the distressing news of the Rohingya Crisis and we have received a few comments from customers asking if it's ok to buy products from Myanmar in the light of the news stories.

Absolutely yes!

We are in direct touch with the farm owner Thiha Gyawalie who, understandably, would not pass comment on the crisis, but he did tell me this:

"I do want to say a few words... in Myanmar Farmers are very poor. And for coffee farmers it's even worse. But it's been only a couple of years that we are getting recognition for our hard work from international buyers. In a way international consumers are creating a better lifestyle for Myanmar coffee farmers. And we are very thankful for that".

Your conscience is clear -- feel free to try this truly remarkable coffee. You can make a donation to the Action Aid UK appeal directly, or just buy a bag and we will do it for you! -- we'll send 10% of the cost of each bag purchased through our site.


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