Match Made in Chocolate Heaven

Match Made in Chocolate Heaven

Dusty Ape Coffee has teamed up with Discover Chocolate to create one luscious Coffee & Cardamom chocolate bar.  Using crushed Brazilian Pocos de Caldas beans, the dark chocolate bars are rich and velvety and go perfectly with a strong espresso.

Discover is a new chocolate company based in Exmoor.  A very modern chocolatier, Discover use stevia rather than sugar as a sweetener for its chocolates, making it one of only a handful of producers in the UK to have completely dumped sugar.

Gabriel, head chocolatier, has a flair for using unusual and imaginative flavours.  Blueberries, figs, dulse and now coffee all feature in his scrumptious bars and truffles.  As well as being yummy, the flavourings offer real health benefits and so Discover bars are being sold nationally through wholefood stores. 

Discover's Coffee & Cardamom are also available online at and from Dusty Ape at their market stalls this Christmas.   

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