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We roast distinctive coffees from around the world in small batches to get the best possible flavours from the bean. Life is too short to squander your caffeine intake on anything less.

Whether you're a coffee expert or just starting your speciality coffee journey we have a great collection of coffees for you.

Our newest coffees are just below -- there are many more. If you find this bewildering start with a blend (just like whisky!) or if you need help choosing contact us

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Is Dusty Ape coffee Fair Trade?

The most frustrating thing about Fair Trade is that consumers are lead to believe that it’s the ultimate goal – but in coffee it’s the starting point.

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Panda Brews with Dusty Ape for London Festival

Why I Love Aeropress I'm a big fan of the Aeropress coffee maker - it goes with me whenever I'm going to struggle to find a decent coffee ~ most ho...

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