Knowing Coffee

We roast by hand in small batches, carefully profiling all of our roasts to get the most from the beans and to ensure each batch is reproducible. Each roast imparts lessons about how best to perfect flavours in the cup; we use this knowledge to constantly improve the quality of our coffee. 

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy coffee, but there is good and bad coffee.  Just as you instantly know the difference between processed and artisan bread, so too with commercial and hand-made coffee. Small-batch roasted coffee has greater vitality and preserves more of the bean's true flavour.

Care and attention to detail in roasting and brewing coffee results in a better cup.  We openly share our learning so that you get maximum enjoyment from our coffees.

Our Philosophy

  • Customer Focussed
    We offer great service to our customers and actively engage them in our passion for great coffee
  • Quality
    Starts with selecting the best green beans; adopting a diligent approach to production to ensure consistency, good hygiene and dependable results; resulting in freshest quality products, delivered on time in perfect condition
  • Exploring taste boundaries
    Our product range starts with affordable medium roast coffee that far exceeds what is currently available in many cafés and extends into lighter roasted single origin beans with a fascinating subtlety of flavours 
  • Better coffee for all
    Our goal is to recognise that there is a limit on how many coffees one can enjoy in a single day and to ensure each and every cup delivers a pleasing break and refreshment from our busy lives. 
  • Non-exclusive
    We recognise that our customers know best what they like to drink in their cup. We strive to open new opportunities to explore new tastes without dictating what coffee should be. (Unless of course you happen to believe that great coffee starts with instant and can never be better than small quantities of dark-roasted coffee in tin-foil pods )  
  • Sharing the passion
    We want to share whatever we learn that helps to make the enjoyment of coffee ever better: brewing methods, techniques, equipment.  We actively work with cafés and restaurants that care about coffee quality and, of course, great beans!

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