Packaging and shipping

Roasted Fresh

We roast in small batch sizes to order and we declare the roast date on the bag of our packaging. Our roast schedule is updated daily so that we can estimate order levels and ensure that your coffee arrives in peak condition. We find that most beans are at their peak between 1 - 2 weeks of roasting and stay fresh within the bag for 3 months provided that the bag is unopened and stored properly (cool cupboard away from strong smells and extremes of temperatures and moisture, i.e not the fridge). Kiss goodbye to vacuum-packed 6-month old coffee where the flavour escapes in a burst of aroma when you open the bag and is lost forever.

Posh Bags

Our coffees are packed in high-quality foil-lined, kraft (tough brown paper) bags. Each bag has a 'wico' valve to allow the coffee to de-gas after roasting without letting the coffee become exposed to the air. We heat seal the bags just above a tin-tie which allows you to cut the top and then fold over and re-seal after you have used what you need. The bags will keep the coffee fresh, without needing to store in the fridge (moisture is bad news for coffee).


We endeavour to keep our shipping costs as low and we do not make a profit on shipping fees. If you have an overseas request or if you are near and would like to arrange collection please contact us and we'll accommodate you if we can.