Ethiopia Sidama Heirloom


Microlot from the Kilemso Mokinisa Farmers Co-op. Heirloom varieties are nurtured by smaller farms and small-holdings which are prized for their excellent flavour characteristics, despite their low yield. Often these small plantations are passed down through family generations and are cross-pollinated in the wild. This coffee has a fairly wide variation in bean size and shape, leading to a wider flavour profile, not unlike that which you might expect in a blended coffee.

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Sweet and wildly fruity with strong chocolate notes over a hint of citrus. This is quite unlike the typical dominant lemon flavours of modern high-yielding modern Sidamo varietals.

Sidamo is in the located in the South Central region of Ethiopia and the coffee is named after the native people called the Sidama. The region grows some of the highest coffees in Ethiopia typically 1400 - 2200m above sea level.

Traditionally natural processed which means that, unlike shed coffees, the fruit is allowed to dry completely around the coffee bean before being removed. The additional time left in the cherry provides the coffee with an intensely deep, fruity flavour that is most often described as blueberry, and there are also typically a lot of sweet yeasty and rich chocolatey notes present as well.


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