Ethiopia Guji Grade 1


An absolute treat from Mokonisa - one of the most famous villages in Ethiopia, renowned for it's top class coffee. This fully washed coffee is clean, sweet and refreshingly fruity - orange blossom nose and caramelised lemons on the palate.

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Full bodied, sweet and juicy - lemons and orange blossom aroma.

Grown 2300 meters above sea in fertile red/brown soils with a depth of 1.5m offering good drainage.

Heirloom varietals with a screen size of 14+. Also known as 'garden coffee' characterised by small plots of less than 1 hectare.

Cupping score 90.

From the Guji zone, in the Bule Hora district of Oromia, located in south west Ethiopia.

The coffee crops are low density, growing under a canopy of indigenous banana trees. Staple food crops grow between the coffee trees - the coffee gardens resemble more of a jungle than an agricultural landscape.

The growers have honed this garden coffee production system over 30 years and it has been shown to keep the trees healthy and the quality of the berries high.

The trees flower in January and February and the cherries are harvested from December onwards.

Once the coffee has been harvested, it is brought to the cooperative wet mill in Kercha Werada, close to the village. The coffee is processed in four steps.

  1. Harvested coffee cherries go into a pulping machine, which separates the bean from the fruit. The pulp is washed away and beans are fed to the fermentation tanks.
  2. The beans stay in the fermentation tanks for 10 to 64 hours. Here the mucilage layer is broken down and the coffee's flavour is naturally enhanced.
  3. After fermentation the beans are washed to remove the sticky fluid that has come from the fermentation process.
  4. Finally the washed coffee is taken back to the hills, where it is spread on drying trays to dry naturally in the sun.


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