Packaging & Shipping

Click & Collect

Save on shipping by ordering online and choose collect from roastery at checkout

We aim to have collection orders ready by mid morning next working day. If you're planning to visit early you may have to wait while we complete your order.

Online Orders

Orders placed before midday will be dispatched the same working day. Orders placed after this may not be dispatched until our next working day. 

Roasted Fresh

We roast to order in small batches and declare the roast date on our packaging. Our production schedule is dynamic enabling us to quickly respond to online orders as well as estimate trade orders ensuring our coffees arrive in peak condition. Most beans are at their best between 1-2 weeks of roasting and stay fresh within the bag for up to 3 months provided that the bag is unopened and stored properly.

Dusty Ape coffee keeps best in our purpose made coffee bags or in your own coffee caddy (air-tight, cool and dark). Don't store it in the fridge - it's full of strong smells and will mess with the coffee humidity.

Sustainable Packaging

Dusty Ape coffee bags are 100% recyclable made low-density polyethylene (LDPE), signified by ♶ (aka triangle-4). It is a safe, flexible and stable material keeping Dusty Ape coffee freshest for longest and can be easily refilled and recycled. Traditional coffee packaging has 4 layers whereas our new bags have just two, requiring less energy and raw materials to produce. Many councils, including Dusty Ape's West Wilts Council, now accept ♶ bags in their plastic recycling provided the material is not black (this is why we changed the colour of our packaging). The bag, zipper and valve are all made from this  same material so they don't have to be separated at processing.