Rwanda Muhondo


The Muhondo farmer association and washing station is based in the Gakenke district in Rwanda's Northern Province. Muhondo has a tremendous impact in the local community, providing employment for women and youth, as well as empowering farmers with equipment, loans and clean water supplies....

... and this microlot coffee is soOoo Moorish -- chocolate body, lemonade-sweet acidity, cranberry fruit with a tea-like finish. Leaves your taste buds just pleading for second cup.

SCA score 86.25 points.

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Fully washed, grade A1 Arabica bourbon, high-grown at 1,850 - 2,200 meters in heavy clay soil.

Lemonade, cranberry, chocolate and sugary tea

Gakenke lies in North West Rwanda near the Volcanoes National Park, home to 1 of only 3 populations of endangered mountain gorillas in the world (clearly made for Dusty Ape!). Like much of Rwanda (aka “the land of a thousand hills”) - the terrain is mountainous, rugged and exceptionally beautiful. Rich volcanic soils, plentiful sunshine, and tropical rainfall provide exceptional conditions for the cultivation of arabica, and the Bourbon variety particularly excels in the
high elevations of Rwanda’s mountains

Harvest is between April and June when the ripe cherries are carefully selected, first by hand picking and then by floatation in clean water tanks. The cherries are then de-pulped and fermented in water for an average of 18 hours. After fermentation the coffee is washed in clean water grading channels which also serve to further sort the coffee by density (the denser beans being of the highest quality selected for this microlot).
The coffee still in its husk (parchment) is then dried in the sun on raised African beds for 21-30 days depending on climatic conditions


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