Gyawali Mandalay Gem


1st prize, best washed coffee in Myanmar 2017 SCAA 87.2 Myanmar is an emerging speciality coffee producer, and in just a few years there has been an exponential increase in coffee quality thanks to investment from the US Agency for International Development who and the establishment of national coffee competitions. Now in it’s 3rd year, 26 coffees of the 72 judged scored 85 points or higher, a 150% increase over 2016. I met Arrow Brothers early this year, when cupping a number of Myanmar coffees, choosing this one for it’s delicate flavours; it then went on to win the national competition for best washed coffee 2017.

A few days after roasting, this coffee produced a Chemex worthy of shouting about, using 16g filter ground with 250ml water in 3 minutes which gave me the strawberry, creamy sweetness, which a delicate rose on the nose.

A week post-roast and the body had developed further, giving an excellent double espresso with a 20g in, 31g out over 22 seconds with a slightly raised group temperature (94.5C) to extract this relatively light coffee to give the sweetness and darker fruit.

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Our expert roaster, Chris has profiled this as a medium-light, ideal for brew coffee. Floral rose aroma. Sweet caramel and nougat, with a delicate hint of strawberries and cream. Gentle acidity. SCAA Cupping score 87.18.

The coffee is from Ruby Hills Speciality Coffee, in Mandalay Division, Mogoke Township, Bhamon Village. This is located in the dry zone near the Irradwaddy river. This area is well known for its prized rubies and sapphires and now speciality coffee. Farmed at an altitude of 1300m above sea level on a 27 hectare estate. It has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons, an annual rainfall of 53mm and 3,000 hours of sunshine - ideal conditions for growing coffee. Catimor H528

Fully washed.


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