Colombia La Flores


La Flores single estate coffee is grown at a small farm in Acevedo, Huila in Colombia. Local exporter, Vae Soli, pays much higher prices for coffee to ensure farmers and their family have a better quality of life and access to education whilst improving on their methods of cultivation and therefore quality of coffee. 

Anaerobic ferment tabi variety gives rise to sweet tropical fruits with subtle gooseberry acidity. If you strive high quality 'naturals' but fed up with over funky - you'll struggle to beat this one. We have just a small quantity of this true 'headliner' of coffees.

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Tabi is abundant in Huila, prized for its superior quality, robust flavours with underlying citrus and tropical notes. Fully washed, high grown at 1,750 meters.

Luxuriously smooth with an intense flavour. Thanks to its unique fermentation process, this coffee has sweet tropical fruity notes with a subtle gooseberry acidity.

La Flores coffee is grown by Edilberto Vergara Téllez (he's the proud looking guy in the pictures below) and his family at a small farm located in the town of Acevedo, Huila department of Colombia. Also pictured tasting the coffee is his son, Jhoan, now the next generation of Colombian coffee growers, as well as our partner. He has won various accolades including the national award for 'The Master of Coffee Colombia' in 2019.

Edilberto and his family first started growing coffee in 1990 and have continuously adapted their methods leading them to now being a highly recognised producer of high-quality, speciality grade coffee in the region. 

The Huila region is widely recognised for producing consistently high-quality and grade coffee and continuously improving its methods of cultivation and therefore quality of produce.

Each ripe cherry is hand selected during harvest, after which the beans are submerged in water so poor grains float and can easily be removed. Once filled into special bags, beans are anaerobically fermented for 24 hours, before being exposed to oxygen only to the go back into the same bags to ferment anaerobically for another 60 hours. 

The beans are then washed, pre-dried for 2 days and sent to dryers, where they will continue to dry for a further 12 days at optimum humidity levels between 10% and 11.5%. 

The coffee is then stored in special bags which help to preserve the moisture and quality.


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