Costa Rica Alto San Juan


Another stunner from the Dota cooperative in Tarrazú and a roastery favourite to boot. It really sings in the espresso machine delivering jammy sweet fruits, but we can't agree if it's even better as a filter (V60 or Chemex): while still sweet, it becomes gentler, cleaner  and more restrained marmalade on toast.


Processing and Varietal

Hand picked in baskets when the cherries reach perfect ripeness.

Pulped then Fully washed. Patio dried and then rested for around 60 days before final milling and defect sorting before export.

Caturra & catuai.

Tasting notes

See above, but in summary - clean, full-bodied with sweet orange and a hint of raspberry.


Costa Rica produces some excellent coffees at a local level and this is a supreme example of a select lot. Grown at 1500-1700m above sea level by a small community of 30 farms producing just 50 sacks per season.