Brazil Ipanema Estate, Yellow Icatu


Rio Verde Yellow Icatu comes from the Ipanema Estate - one of the most modern and progressive producers in the country. 


The Icatu varietal is known for its refined acidity, thick creamy body and pronounced caramel taste with rich floral overtones.


Embedded in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, the over 100 year old Fazenda Rio Verde produces a range of sought-after speciliaty coffees.  Surrounded by native forests, blessed with abundant waterfalls and beautiful trails, this farm is a true nature sanctuary where coffee fields only represent 40% of the land use.

The mountainous region has its own microclimate. With mild temperatures between 18°C and 23°C, the farm has a yearly rainfall averaging above 1600 mm.  Winter temperatures usually fall into the frost range in the low lying areas.


Pulped Natural - cherries are sorted, husked and then sun-dried on a terrace with the mucilage intact.